Which kn95 Masks are good?

According to the CDC, kn95 masks are very efficient and play a vital role when it comes to surpassing the spread of Flu from one person to another. In addition, the masks shield the user from inhaling fine fragments. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, the public is advised to put on an effective mask to minimize its spread. Therefore, most people are doing everything to ensure they access the right mask to guarantee their protection.

Structure of a good Kn95 mask

A good Kn95 mask should have five layers. The layers should be divided into three categories depending on the type of fabric used. The first layer is the outer layer. It is made of nonwoven material and has three dimensions that hinder dust from getting into contact with the user. The second layer is the filter layer which comprises of unique electrostatic filter material with efficient filtration. This conceals the whole mask and prevents the entry of polluted air. The third layer is the inner layer which is comfortable for the skin and does not wear out fast. It consists of a lining fabric that does not cause any irritation to the skin.

Characteristics of a good Kn95 mask

• NIOSH Certification- NIOSH rate and certify disposable Kn95 masks. A good Kn95 should be approved by NIOSH, as this ensures that the cover functions as advertised.

• Adjustability and security- A good kn95 must fit securely around the user’s lower face, therefore, making a protective seal. To create a tighter seal, effective Kn95 masks utilize a minimum of two elastic bands. Also, the nosepiece is made of adjustable metal piece.

• Negative and positive pressure- basically, negative and positive pressure means inhalation and exhalation, or breathability. Thus, a good mask must create a moderately strong seal around the jawline and nose. If the negative pressure of the mask is good, it should collapse inward when the wearer inhales.

Advantages of a good Kn95 Mask

• It contains an elastic band which is easy to handle, sucks up the sweat, and is not tight at all.

• Made of soft, harmless, and comfortable high-quality materials, making it less irritating to the skin.

• It has an adjustable elastic rubber band, which means it can fit different faces.

• It can filter dust, making it favorable and convenient for use.

• It is also very comfortable because the user does not experience breathing difficulties.

• It has a lightweight structure and a vertical grasping design, which makes it easy to carry as well as store.

Whether you are aiming at protecting yourself from fume or smoke during volcano and wildfire period, during a dusty working environment, or during the outbreak of a contagious disease, the perfect line of protection is a high-quality disposable face cover. Most people consider different brands of Kn95 mask suitable or not suitable depending on the setting of their use.

Some scenarios that require individuals to put on masks include home decoration, building, gardening, and sawing, among others. However, durable masks from leading brands grant hours of protection and contain airing features not found on other Kn95 models. For some reason, 3M 8511 respirators are considered the best.

which kn95 mask to buy

There are many different masks to buy, especially during this COVID19 Pandemic. These masks include the N95, KN95, homemade cloth masks, and surgical masks. It is challenging to settle on which one to use. The homemade cloth masks have been recommended by CDC to be used when someone is around people in the public setting who don’t present the symptoms of COVID19. However, it is children below the age of 2, and anyone who has breathing problems shouldn’t wear homemade cloth masks.

The KN95 respirator mask was initially designed to prevent the person wearing the mask from inhaling health hazards such as vapors, aerosols, and gases. As the name suggests, it filters out 95% of small particles in the air, especially those whose size is 0.3 microns. It was also proved to protect the wearer from spreading any airborne disease to people. The main difference between this mask and the surgical mask is that this respirator also prevents one from inhaling airborne diseases in the form of microorganisms.

These microorganisms could be viruses such as the SARS, H1N1, and coronavirus. Ever since the outbreak of the novel COVID 19 manufacturers of KN95 have reported an increase in their income as many people are rushing to but the KN95 respirator mask. There are four different types of KN95 mask which are the standard particulate KN95 mask, KN95 surgical mask, KN95 mask with a breathing valve and the one without a breathing valve and one can be asking the question that has been on everyone’s mind, ” which kn95 mask to buy?” This question will be answered shortly. Just check out kn95 for sale on hoy como ayer.

A KN95 standard particulate mask is the one used with workers who work in areas that has small particle hazards that they might inhale. A KN95 surgical mask is said to be a combination of both a surgical mask and a KN95 mask. It was particularly designed to protect health workers and is quite effective in protecting from contracting a respiratory disease or an airborne disease. This is because it decreases the number of particles, both inhaled and exhaled. It can do this as it was equipped with an ability to resist fluid. Many people prefer using this to reduce the chance of them contracting the novel coronavirus.

The KN95 mask with a breathing or exhalation valve isn’t ideal to buy when trying to prevent yourself from contracting the COVID 19 disease as the valve is a one-way passageway, and it’s quite impossible to keep one’s exhalation to themselves. It is quite good as the valve was put to ease your exhalation as there is inhibition of the occurrence of heat buildup. Hence those people who wear glasses would find this mask good as their glasses aren’t fogged up. The reason why this as to why this mask isn’t the one to prevent Corona Virus spread or any other airborne disease is that other people aren’t safe, especially if they don’t own a mask.

how to wash kn95 mask?

KN95 has been proven by experts and WHO to be the most effective gear that stops the spread of COVID-19. The fact that the masks are 95% effective of keeping out pathogens has made them very scarce, and the CDC declaring that only the frontline health workers or people dealing strictly with the infected should have the masks. Because the masks are in short supply, people have turned to reuse of the KN95.

CDC has not given a time limit of how long the KN95 masks should be reused for, but some signs should be observed and will inform that it is time to through the cover away correctly. For example, if the mask no longer fits well or the straps have become loose, it is time to dispose of the mask. Also, if the masks have some holes, then you need to dispose of it safely. But as long as it still fits well and does not have holes, the KN95 masks are suitable to be reused for a couple of days, but they need to be washed and disinfected daily.

Disinfecting the KN95 masks

  • Using heat

    A study done at a university found out that the masks can be heated for about half an hour at a temperature of about 700 degrees properly disinfects the mask.

    The aim of disinfecting is to kill germs at the same time, and the filter should not be destroyed.

    • Use of ultraviolet rays

    Another way to disinfect the masks is by using the ultraviolet rays. It is instrumental in getting rid of the virus without destroying the filter part. Because ultimately, the filter has to be protected, it is the tool that keeps out bacteria and germs from getting inside.

    • Use of hydrogen peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide can kill tiny pathogens effectively. Hydrogen peroxide is very porous, it can get through the mask material and kill all pathogens without harming the filter.

Does water and soap work?

A lot of people, however, want to know that if the masks can be washed with soap and water. The answer is no. The cover is made from a paper-like material. Water can only destroy the equipment, and soap only makes it worse. The only proven methods that kill the pathogens are the ones mentioned above. Not everyone can access the disinfection facilities, and that still adds why the CDC has recommended them to be used by health workers because they can easily access the facilities.

You should also not spray the mask with alcohol-based sanitizers because that does not help in cleaning the mask. What makes the KN95 cover different and effective is the filter, so you need to protect it at all costs. Water, alcohol, and soap do make the screen weaker hence destroying it. Cloth masks are the only masks that can be washed because the material does not disintegrate as fast as other materials do. It is important to stay home and keep safe. The most effective tool is to wash your hands frequently when wearing the KN95 masks and avoid touching your face at all costs.

How kn95 masks are made

With the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic affecting everyone around the globe, the issue of masks is one to look into. The idea of wearing masks helps one from not obtaining the disease and also helps another person not to spread the disease. One cannot think of a time the masks did not exist; masks have always been known to assist doctors when handling a patient, and yes, this pandemic is not far from it. Different masks exist, them being the surgical masks, the N95 masks, the KN95 masks, and well the improvised masks made out of clothing. The masks that intrigue many would be the KN95.

The KN95 mask

The KN95 mask is a type of mask that is tested with the Chinese criteria. Most people commonly confuse the N95 with this type of mask, but although they both serve the same purpose, they differ in the properties part. Amid the coronavirus, most countries have left the KN95 masks for the frontline workers to curb this pandemic since they filter up to 95% of particles in the atmosphere. They also create a very airtight seal around your nose and mouth.

The genuine question one might ask, is how KN95 masks are made. Here is a brief description of how the KN95 needs to look like:

● It has three layers that are the outer layer, which blocks the particles, the middle layer, which filters out dust, and the inner layer, which absorbs exhalation. This ensures the mask is fully effective and allows controlled flow.

● The color is usually white

● The material is non-woven fabric; this is to ensure its effective and lasts.

The mask should be able to filter out 95% of the particles, so generally, one would require polypropylene- most commonly used material. With the idea of spun bonding, the outer layer is created. The fibers are then bonded using the techniques of thermal, mechanical, and chemical. The layer threads are to be of 15-30 micrometers.

The middle layer is normally needle woven to increase the cohesiveness. In this particular layer, the needles are sent repeatedly to make sure the fibers hook together. The plastic fibers are thermally bonded to each other, which will make it thicker and stiffer to use. In the making of the mask, more than one filtering mechanism is undertaken. That being from inertia impaction to diffusion and the electrostatic attraction.

The final layer, which determines the filtration efficiency of the masks, is taken through the melt blowing process, in which threads are sprayed onto a conveyor. As they cool, the bond themselves together.

The layers are then combined through ultrasonic welding, and the strands for the ears are then added to the mask. The masks edges are checked, so they are not too harsh on one’s face with the strands made sure that they not as tight. The masks are then sterilized before being taken out for the people to use. That is how KN95 masks are made.


A KN95 mask is a type of protective mask that is made for personal protection against dust, smoke, airborne diseases, viruses, and bacteria. This mask has a very different structural component from the other face shields and masks, such as the face mask, which only covers the face and is built from vast materials to create the barrier. A collection of polymers are collected together, and after laboratory testing, hydrophobic polypropylene was bought forth as the best material to be used in the manufacturing of this mask. In return, a 95% efficiency of the filter was realized by these masks hence the name KN95.

How efficient is the KN95 mask

The polymers of the KN95 mask are intact and close to each other; this makes it hard for the diseases present in the air to get into the respiratory system. Under an estimate, only 0.3 nanoparticles can travel through the mask to an individual through the air via Brownian motion, where microparticles of the atmosphere move randomly through the help of atom and molecules. This is captured by the outer material of the mask, containing this hydrophobic polypropylene via electrostatic and mechanical forces, and the air is filtered properly to the system. Due to this, the mask works efficiently by filtering out the healthiest breathable air as possible.

This mask’s effectiveness, however, is hindered by some activities which affect the way it’s supposed to work purposely clinically.

They include:

Soiling of the mask, fluids like sweat and makeup sometimes soil the mask, which in turn makes the force that holds these particles more diverse hence lesser efficiency, which can lead to the risk of infection. It is clinically advised, because of this reason, that the mask is exchanged after eight hours to regulate, dispose, or clean the mask as needed to maintain the structure and functionality of the KN95 mask. You are advised to wear a face shield over the mask to avoid you from soiling.

Cleaning method; any subject to extra heat like the UV light, microwave heat, and boiling effects can affect the components used in making these masks. This not only leads to the ultimate disruption of the polymers in the material but also disrupts the movement of particles of air even when worn because of the high viscosity of particles through Brownian motion. A hot heated

KN95 mask might not prevent you from the unwanted particles compared to the other normal temperature. It is advised that these masks should be clean via the steam method, using liquid hydrogen peroxide, in moist heat or dry heat on a recommended clinical degree of 70 degrees Celsius. The opposite precautions of not cleaning these masks are boiling on hot water, bleaching, using alcohol and sanitizing wipes, or putting it to dry on a microwave.

Storage efficiency;

You are advised to carefully store your mask on a paper bag that is breathable enough, ensuring that your masks do not touch each other and that they are just dry enough for usage. This inhibits airborne diseases that might be present in a mask, for instance, the recent coronaviruses from spreading since they are viable for only 72 hours. They should also be as dry as possible. The masks are deemed reusable under this hygienic approach, and no harm or infection can happen out of the normal via this method.

If these factors are put into consideration, then the KN95 mask will work as efficiently as possible.